Latest Testimonials

Very much valuable. The course is designed in a manner that learning is not limited. I am gaining lot of knowledge through the course. The assignments are really good as it help the students to think out-of-the box and answer. I am very happy doing this course as I am gaining a lot of insight. Also, professionalism and the support being extended by my tutor and admin team

C.V. Lakshmi, Trivandrum, 2014 B.Tech Passout
It is very well organised as an institution, and the courses are well focused.

Priya R, Malapuram, 3rd Year
Yes[I find the course valuable], because it is opening my eyes further to what I am studying and making me look for info and answers on the internet rather than being spoon fed info from the course notes. The feed back from the tutor is great and is very encouraging and the marking time frame very efficient.

Rahul Nambiar, Trivandrum, 11th Standard Physics Student