We bring with us a fresh, dynamic and interactive approach to all Human resource processes, especially towards training and human development. We believe in people, we believe in you, your potential and the power of Interactive Skills. IF is built on the simple but basic premise of human behaviour. We offer consultancy services that increase efficiency of human resource processes like Training & Performance Management.

Our Philosophy

Individual First is built on a premise. A premise Basic and Simple, Yet Intense and Disparate THE PREMISE OF HUMAN BEHAVIOUR. We are to evolve as a premier organisation offering professional training to educational organisations, youth and individuals with a focus on training, development and soft skills training.

Raising up Standards

Whatever your profession or the business of your organisation, success, excellence and true achievement can be yours only if you possess people skills, basic human skills of interaction and communication…what we may name as soft skills or life skills.


Rs. 3000

Interview / Seminar

Interviewing is a learned skill, and there are no second chances to make a great first impression.

Rs. 3000

Spoken English

True achievement can be yours only if you possess people skills, basic human skills of interaction and communication.

Rs. 3000

+1 & +2 Tutions

Our systems are build to enable students from all backgrounds to fit in. We accept fees you define.

Rs. 3000

B. Tech Tutions

We are provide you the best Engineering Tuitions. We give the tuition for All Universities All Branches.

Reach out to your Goal!

Don't waste time. This opportunity may change the entire course of your life from a routine based lifestyle to a desire for game changing challenges.

Contact us

Contact us for detailed information on free classes, paid enrolling and timings. Call: 099953 80209 (Rakesh R) who will guide you though.

Our Testimonials

Our students speak more than we do about us. Hear from people who have reached top achievements in life from the foundation we built for them.

About us

Individual First is one among the top institutions in B. Tech tutions, +1 & +2 coaching and in speech training. We use various techniques.